Bunnies for Bunnies

In 2019 one of our trustees, Liz, had an epiphany. She remembered that when she was younger her mother used to call sanitary towels “bunnies”, and so she decided to start knitting bunnies as a fundraiser to support our work. Little did she know that before long she would have written her own knitting pattern and there would be an army of knitters joining the woollen cause, not just from her own District 9 Inner Wheel members but from all sorts of organisations and areas of the UK!

The little bunnies, which are sold for £5 (the same amount it costs for us to provide reusable sanitary protection to the women and girls we support in India) mean we can encourage people to “buy bunnies to give bunnies” not only at Women and Girls events but also amongst the family and friends of the knitters themselves. To date we have received over 250 lovingly hand-knitted bunnies, all of whom have their own unique charm.

The bunnies can be made with trousers or skirts, and can be any colour of the rainbow. We’re always looking for more knitters to join our cause so if you would like the pattern and more information please email info@womenandgirls.org.uk.

2 bunnies
A colony of bunnies